A popular game most of us play at one time or another is: imagine you have a million dollars and no one to please but yourself. What would your home look like? For a gamer, it would of course be full of games. The latest consoles, computers, and electronics. But what about the rest of the house? You have to have furniture and fixtures, so you might want to "game" those, too!

You know something is different about this house as soon as you get to the front door and see this LED Space Invaders doormat. Yes, it lights up! But only when someone is near, thanks to a motion-sensor.


We saw a Pac-Man chair last year from a furniture designer, but it was just a concept that doesn't yet exist. What does exist are these handspring trainers, also called Pac-Man mats. These are from NRA Gym Supply. My daughter uses one in her gymnastics class. They cost about as much as you'd expect to pay for designer furniture, and they are the right color, too!


That yellow in the chairs will contrast nicely with the Pac Man carpet. This hand-woven rug is quite a rare item; only two were ever made. Yours for only $15,000.

More retro game home accessories, after the jump.


How cool is a Tetris tiled shower? If I were to put this in my house, I would insist on smaller tiles, which I would then have to install myself.


Tetrad from Brave Space uses Tetris-inspired shapes to form shelving units. Each unit is one shape, which you assemble and combine as you please. The backs can be colored individually. The shelf pictured is made from ten units, which will run you $1,500.


In the bedroom, you'll want an appropriate quilt. Lots of folks have made various videogame quilts; you can, too!


Even the nursery can have game icons. Entertain (and indoctrinate?) your baby with a Space Invaders Baby Mobile. By the time he can use buttons, he'll know who he wants to shoot.
Not all retro games are videogames. This wordsearch wallpaper can keep you busy for years. As you find more words, the wall becomes an evolving piece of art. You might want to keep a supply of markers around to match your overall color scheme.

435_slider_lg1.jpg While we are including non-video games, we may as well have some retro art. This slider puzzle is two feet tall and hangs as art, but it's also a working puzzle. You can have one made with your own design, or even a photograph!


A little (or a lot) of paint can turn a room into a fantasyland. This Mario room was found at a collection of five retro gaming walls. You need to go check it out and see the lovely tiled Pac-Man wall as well.

Put all these ideas together, and you'll feel like Tom Hanks in the movie Big. Like a little kid again!
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