Supply Amazing Fact, Win Amazing Book

Jason English

We wanted to give away a copy of Graceland: An Interactive Pop-Up Tour last week, but we didn't get a winner. So let's try this again.

This time, we'll use the contest to help feed The Amazing Fact Generator*.

factgenerator_header1.jpg /

Here's how you play:

1) Leave a comment with your most amazing music fact. (Songs, artists, album sales, notable performances, awards, etc.)
2) Include your name (first name or nickname is fine) and location.
3) Our Amazing Fact Checkers will go through the submissions, and we'll announce the winner next week.
4) Remember what you're playing for.

All the truly amazing facts will be entered into the generator, credited to you. So really, you're all winners. Well, except the people who supply faux facts. Or dull ones.

* Beta