Weekend Genius Challenge #18 Winner!


In Weekend Genius Challenge #18, we asked readers to supply us a list of first names to match a list of last names we culled using the letters from "GROUNDHOG DAY." Our winner, was AMR, whose list included 15 of the 20 names that appeared on ours. The answers:

TIMI Yuro, JAMES Doohan, DAMON Huard, FLASH Gordon, ELAINE Nardo, ROD Roddy, STEVE Grogan, DAVID Young, OLIVER Hardy, BOB Dorough, SOLOMON Grundy, BEN Hogan, WAYNE Grady, DARYL Dragon, JEAN ANTOINE Houdon, GLORIA Gaynor, TENZING Norgay, MAX Dugan, FRED Grandy, and VICTOR Hugo.

Thanks to everyone who played. A new Weekend Genius Challenge will appear a bit later this morning!