When I was a Freshman at Emory, Saturdays such as this would have meant me stumbling (in a few hours, of course) to the University cafeteria wearing the clothes I slept in and sunglasses indoors, troubling over papers due and exams looming (this is when I learned about having to "study"). Whether you are studying, procrastinating, or simply recovering, I hope these Weekend Links help pass the time. Or if you're like me now in my post-Emory life, that you might have some distraction until it's time for Lou Dobbs. So without further ado ...

"¢ Christopher Walken reads Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." Can you take it seriously? Likely nevermore ... (Thanks to Martha for that jewel.)

"¢ Redheads fight back! Find Wendy's logo racist! Read all about the farce here. (Thanks to my friend Andrea from NYC.)

"¢ Michele sent in this cool link to pictures of funky statues of the 12 Zodiac signs found around Moscow. My Archer is looking a little sissy, the fish are fantastic, and I for one wish that crab-cart was real.

"¢ We all know of the George Foreman Grill, but were you aware of Dwight Yoakam's Chicken Lickin' Chicken Fries And Buffalo Style Bites? See more products to which B-listers have lent their names.

"¢ Dail from Florida sends in this link to the CIA World Factbook. Curious about Angola's natural resources? Or Niue's economy? This is your one-stop shop. Warning: possibility for hours wasted ahead.

"¢ Remember that VH-1 show The Fabulous Life Of... where you learned that Paris Hilton had enough pocket change to fly 10,000 Chihuahuas around the world on private jets 743 times? Put in a dollar amount in this generator to find out how many Thighmasters, iPods, Elephants and other oddities you could buy (with my current paycheck, I cannot even afford one whole cow.)

"¢ Jane has helped us find a revolution in interior design (especially for those with kids whose preferences chance on a daily basis): Bilk has hip self-adhesive and detachable wall decals.

"¢ If you're into model making and have some cardstock laying around, Chan's suggestion of this site and this one are great (especially the second one, where all patterns are free).

"¢ Here, the name says it all: Saints and Relics and Other Weird Stuff. Buckets of information here "“ expect to stay awhile (Thanks to Patty for the one.)

"¢ I'm always a fan of audio illusions, and this one from Eileen does not disappoint. See if you are one of the 2% who can't be tricked! (I for one am not.)
"¢ As Valentine's Day approaches, here are some unique gift ideas: From China, a chocolate-covered VW. Not to be outdone, Japan has their own version. (Thanks to my gal Janice.)

"¢ Spend some time playing with this global day and night map, courtesy of Megan.

"¢ "Filling out a timesheet from three weeks ago is like trying to put together the events of a drunken evening. You're never really sure what you did."

(If these analogies were on the SAT, maybe I wouldn't have fallen asleep. And here is a vintage collection from our own revered Analogist, Jason.)

"¢ So, Bob Knight's out of college hoops ... what next for him? ESPN's Page 2 uncovered a (hilariously false) retirement application from the surly General himself.

"¢ One housekeeping announcement -- winners of the 'Super Tuesday' contest will be announced Monday or Tuesday. Problems with the Wayback Machine, I'm told.

I would sincerely like to thank everyone who sent in links this week. Please keep it up! Email me at flossylinks@gmail.com. Your links benefit the greater good, and your valor in scouring the web does not go unappreciated!

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