The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

When I was a Freshman at Emory, Saturdays such as this would have meant me stumbling (in a few hours, of course) to the University cafeteria wearing the clothes I slept in and sunglasses indoors, troubling over papers due and exams looming (this is when I learned about having to "study"). Whether you are studying, procrastinating, or simply recovering, I hope these Weekend Links help pass the time. Or if you're like me now in my post-Emory life, that you might have some distraction until it's time for Lou Dobbs. So without further ado ...

"¢ Christopher Walken reads Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven." Can you take it seriously? Likely nevermore ... (Thanks to Martha for that jewel.)

"¢ Redheads fight back! Find Wendy's logo racist! Read all about the farce here. (Thanks to my friend Andrea from NYC.)

"¢ Michele sent in this cool link to pictures of funky statues of the 12 Zodiac signs found around Moscow. My Archer is looking a little sissy, the fish are fantastic, and I for one wish that crab-cart was real.

"¢ We all know of the George Foreman Grill, but were you aware of Dwight Yoakam's Chicken Lickin' Chicken Fries And Buffalo Style Bites? See more products to which B-listers have lent their names.

"¢ Dail from Florida sends in this link to the CIA World Factbook. Curious about Angola's natural resources? Or Niue's economy? This is your one-stop shop. Warning: possibility for hours wasted ahead.

"¢ Remember that VH-1 show The Fabulous Life Of... where you learned that Paris Hilton had enough pocket change to fly 10,000 Chihuahuas around the world on private jets 743 times? Put in a dollar amount in this generator to find out how many Thighmasters, iPods, Elephants and other oddities you could buy (with my current paycheck, I cannot even afford one whole cow.)

"¢ Jane has helped us find a revolution in interior design (especially for those with kids whose preferences chance on a daily basis): Bilk has hip self-adhesive and detachable wall decals.

"¢ If you're into model making and have some cardstock laying around, Chan's suggestion of this site and this one are great (especially the second one, where all patterns are free).

"¢ Here, the name says it all: Saints and Relics and Other Weird Stuff. Buckets of information here "“ expect to stay awhile (Thanks to Patty for the one.)

chocolateBeetle.jpg /

"¢ Spend some time playing with this global day and night map, courtesy of Megan.

"¢ "Filling out a timesheet from three weeks ago is like trying to put together the events of a drunken evening. You're never really sure what you did."

(If these analogies were on the SAT, maybe I wouldn't have fallen asleep. And here is a vintage collection from our own revered Analogist, Jason.)

"¢ So, Bob Knight's out of college hoops ... what next for him? ESPN's Page 2 uncovered a (hilariously false) retirement application from the surly General himself.

"¢ One housekeeping announcement -- winners of the 'Super Tuesday' contest will be announced Monday or Tuesday. Problems with the Wayback Machine, I'm told.

I would sincerely like to thank everyone who sent in links this week. Please keep it up! Email me at Your links benefit the greater good, and your valor in scouring the web does not go unappreciated!

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