Weekend Word Wrap: Tom Swifty Finalists!

David K. Israel
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[There's still time to get the vote out!]

I've read through the nearly 200 Tom Swifties you all sent in for The Best Tom Swifty in the World!! competition. And let me tell you, VERY impressive. Honestly, some of the best Swifties I've ever seen! After the jump, you'll find my list of finalists (reprinted anonymously).

Now it's time for you all to vote. As with our caption contests, all you have to do is drop your ballot in the comments. (And remember, only one vote per person, please. Remember my post on stat counters tracking your
IP address? Don't think we don't know who the cheaters are...tsk tsk.)

"May the best Tom Swifty win!" exclaimed Victor triumphantly.

A) "Get to the back of the boat," the captain said sternly. B) "Yes, me too, Ceasar," Brutus said slashingly. C) "If you keep scratching it's just going to spread," she said rashly. D) "Two times two is four," said Miss Prim squarely. E) "I don't care for italics," he said boldly. F) "Make a left at the cemetery" Tom said gravely. G) "I'm too tired to check it twice", Santa said listlessly. H) "Is bestiality wrong?" he asked sheepishly. I) "That glass slipper is mine", exclaimed Cinderella fittingly. J) "Sure, I'd love to dance with Fred Astaire," she said gingerly. K) "There something wrong about putting corned beef, kraut, swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing on Italian bread", said Ruben wryly. L) "I'm telling you people, diet and exercise can work. Look at my waistline." Richard said tirelessly. M) "I'll never feed lions at the zoo again", Tom muttered offhandedly. N) "I lost an electron." the atom said positively.

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