Weekend Genius Challenge #19: We LUV it!


Ah, remember in your early teens when you were head-over-heels gaga over someone? When you were in "LUV"? Not love, but


? Well, with Valentine's Day right around the corner, we thought we'd share the luv by keeping this edition of the WGC short and (definitely) sweet. How easy is it to win a T-shirt? This easy:

courtesy the ACME heart Maker
courtesy the ACME heart Maker /

All we ask you to do is comment with a word - a single word - that includes the letter sequence "LUV". And if your word matches the one we've already selected, you'll win the mental_floss T-shirt of your choice. Easy, huh? There are at least a couple hundred words to choose from, so I can't imagine you'll run short.

One entry per person, please. The correct word is sealed in our time-locked vault which cannot be opened in advance. (Okay, it's on a Post-It note stuck to the side of our refrigerator.) We'll reveal the answer (and the winner's name) on Saturday, February 16, just before the next WGC goes live. So go on. Grab that dictionary and show us some LUV!

P.S. No, the word is not "antediluvian." Sorry!