"¢ We've elected the winners of our 'Super Tuesday' contest. Chris Coultas (Quayle '00), Roger Mullins (Grandpa Munster for Governor of New York), Kellie (for the killer graphics on the Jeb for Governor '02 site), Ashley Keen (punXfordean) and PJ (Join Arnold!) all get copies of Anything for a Vote. I'll be in touch to get your addresses. And on a day The Wayback Machine is being slightly more cooperative, I'll take screenshots of all the entries and assemble one big nostalgic post.

"¢ Know any talented writers who happen to be in college or graduate school? We're looking for contributors for the next mental_floss College Weekend. Have them send an email to collegeweekend@gmail.com, and include a brief bio, a list of 3-5 story or quiz ideas, and any writing sample they think we'll find impressive. If we like what we read, we'll be in touch.

"¢ Two more contests to wrap up. Sean Moore earned a free mental_floss t-shirt for this excellent Tom Swifty: "I'll never feed lions at the zoo again," Tom muttered offhandedly. For the Zach Kanin cartoon caption competition, Kevin wins with "Pssssst, I don't think I am the only one in here." Congrats!

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"¢ Want to help launch floss mascot Bailey's spokesdog career? Vote for her in Bissell's Most Valuable Pet Photo contest.

"¢ Contests still ongoing: Matt's Hometown Haunts and my call for your commuting nightmares. And stay tuned for Ransom's next photo challenge.

"¢ Got something for Allison Keene's

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"¢ We'll have a new submit-a-fact competition for you tomorrow. Get your mind ready by spending some time with

The Amazing Fact Generator


"¢ New servers are up and running. Things have been running smoothly so far. My fingers remain crossed.