Weekend Word Wrap: Daffynitions

David K. Israel

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Groucho: ''And here is the viaduct leading over to the mainland.''

Chico: ''Why a duck? Why a no chicken?''

All through the scene, Chico demands to know "Why a duck?" "“ his daffy take on the word viaduct.

Daffynitions are punny definitions and, like Tom Swifties, once you get going, they're a hard habit to quit. Calvin and Hobbes fans might recall this daffynition for the word pronoun: "A noun that has lost its amateur status." Other favorites of mine include indistinct: "Where a person puts the dirty dishes," and parasites: "What you see from the top of the Eiffel Tower."

I'm not sure we're ready for the Best Daffynition in the world!! contest just yet, but have at it! Let's see what you loyal Word Wrappers can come up with.

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