Ronald ReaganAh, presidential politics. I'm old enough to remember Richard Nixon being president, but the commander-in-chief who probably had the most profound impact on my life was Ronald Reagan. Not politically, but just because he was first elected my freshman year in high school, and then re-elected during my freshman year of college. There's a trivia tidbit about Reagan that I've been waiting to divulge somewhere, and if I wait until after this year's election, it will be too late. So here goes.

Complete this following sentence with some factual information (no real politics or dementia jokes, please).

"Ronald Reagan was the most recent president... ___________________________."

We'll have either one or two T-shirt winners this week. The winner we'll definitely choose is the one who comes up with the most interesting bit of trivia. If someone is able to come up with a line that matches the one we've been saving, that person will also win a T-shirt of his or her choice.

Put your answer in a comment. We'll forego the one-entry-per-person rule this time around, as there's enough trivia about Rappin' Ronnie to keep you all busy this weekend, but please put each entry in a different comment. Please remember that we have to approve comments before they appear, so they won't show up right away. Good luck!