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Weekend Genius Challenge #20: Just Like Ronnie Says...

Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan /

Complete this following sentence with some factual information (no real politics or dementia jokes, please).

"Ronald Reagan was the most recent president... ___________________________."

We'll have either one or two T-shirt winners this week. The winner we'll definitely choose is the one who comes up with the most interesting bit of trivia. If someone is able to come up with a line that matches the one we've been saving, that person will also win a T-shirt of his or her choice.

Put your answer in a comment. We'll forego the one-entry-per-person rule this time around, as there's enough trivia about Rappin' Ronnie to keep you all busy this weekend, but please put each entry in a different comment. Please remember that we have to approve comments before they appear, so they won't show up right away. Good luck!