Generally, I'm not the sort of fella who a) cares who's on a group e-mail list or b) has the kind of time on his hands to waste scanning the CC field. But I did recently, only because the e-mail I'm referring to came from an intellectual celebrity and, I hoped, might include a bunch of other e-mail addresses from similar lofty minds.

email-at1.gifWhen I've received e-mails from important folk in the past, I've always been intrigued by their addresses. Like, if Einstein sent you an e-mail, wouldn't you be dying to know what he picked as his address? EmC2@yahoo?

So this CC list turned out to be a disappointment and a large waste of time. However, there was one address on the list that was identical to a vanity license plate I once saw. (While I can't give it away, it did contain the old gr8 in it.)

This got me thinking about some people's cute e-mail addresses, and how, at least for some, choosing an address is sort of like naming a boat. For instance, my parents know a podiatrist who named his boat "Toe Me In." I'm not sure what the foot doctor's e-mail address is, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were another ped-pun in it.
What about you all? What's the punniest e-mail address you've seen or, maybe even own? (Whatever you do, please don't supply the post-@ portion!)

Another question: We need a word for people who enjoy sifting through group e-mail lists to see who else is on the thing. Or maybe the verb to do so. Anyone care to coin one?

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