Help Keep Me Inside

Jason English

I'm spending today at home, splitting time between working and inventing reasons not to shovel. Lucky for me, I won't go hungry. That's because yesterday, a bagel craving brought me to The Bagel Box "“ where I realized I was cashless. There was no sign dictating a minimum amount for credit card purchases. And even though we've established those signs often violate Visa, AmEx and MasterCard rules, I didn't have the heart to whip out the plastic for a 75-cent bagel. So I bought 12 of them.

This leads me to my first question: who wants one? No, wait. The first question is this: 1) Have you ever bought anything strange "“ or a lot of something normal "“ because you were stuck without cash?

2) Under our 'Name the last 15 Best Picture Winners' challenge, reader Jim left an interesting comment: "This is the one regular gift I buy my wife each year "“ the winner of the previous year's best picture. Nice collection after a couple decades." Pretty cool present idea. Do you give or receive any regular annual gifts similar to this?

3) What's a quiz topic you'd like to see covered in a future Daily Lunchtime Quiz? Upcoming topics include Monty Python, Andy Rooney, snow in literature, famous character actors, SkyMall products, all-things-Swedish, Canadian geography, Bed Bath & Beyond products, skyscrapers, short stories, "We Are The World," Crayola crayons and McNuggets dipping sauces.

4) What's your best snow memory?

Whether you're snowed in or reside in a more desirable part of the world, I'm eager to hear your answers. "No, I can't shovel; I need to hear about our readers' favorite snow memories." Works for me.