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Weekend Genius Challenge #20 Winner!


For WGC #20, we asked readers to come up with a factual end to the phrase: "Ronald Reagan was the most recent president..." We offered a free T-shirt to the most interesting true entry, as well as to the one that matched the factoid we'd been holding in reserve.

The votes were close, but the winner was Mike G., who reminded us that:

Ronald Reagan was the most recent president to have a child to pose in Playboy.

(And yes, I know many of you are holding out hope for the Bush twins.)

A few came close, but nobody matched the fact we had in store, which was:

Ronald Reagan was the most recent president born with a surname that did NOT start with the letter B.

Since Reagan, we've had George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton (who was born with the last name Blythe), and George W. Bush. But since all of the B-named candidates in the current race (including Joe Biden) have dropped out, this won't be true much longer.

Thanks to everyone who participated. A new Weekend Genius Challenge will appear later today!