Weekend Genius Challengs #21: Ti Kwan Leap


With Leap Day coming up next Friday, I began to search my trivia mind for names of people that had been born on February 29. I recall a source saying Superman was born on that date, along with John Tesh. Oh, and "Froggy" from the Our Gang movie shorts. So I began to think about other unusual birthdates, and even examined my own. I realized that if I'd been born a week later, mine would be 4/5/67, which would've been cool because of the sequential numbers.

Thus was born this Weekend Genius Challenge. Find a famous person, living or dead, whose birthdate is numerically unusual. 5/5/55 would be an example (all fives), as would 2/4/68 (all even numbers) or 1/6/1666. I'll leave it to you to determine what makes the date unique. Post the person's name and birthdate it in the comments below, and we'll pick one of them at random to win a T-shirt of your choice from the mental_floss store. (Yes, we'll check to make sure the date is correct.) Why a random pick? I'm taking Leap Day off. Hey, it only comes around every four years!

If you're lucky, this Leap Day will be the last one you'll ever have to live with an incomplete wardrobe. Wouldn't you look great in one of these?