The Mouse That Cleans

Miss Cellania

In a previous gadget report, I noted that the working parts of a computer mouse are tiny, and the bulk of the tool comes from having to fit our hands. So why not use that extra space for some other useful purpose?

435_vacuummouse.jpg /

The Vacuum Mouse from Thanko does just that. As a computer mouse, it's a standard three-button tool. Flick a switch on the side and it turns into a vacuum cleaner! Suck up the Cheetos dust from your desktop while you're waiting for a video to buffer or downloading a large file. I'd like to find out if it's powerful enough to suck up the dust bunnies from the crevices in my keyboard. There's a itty-bitty dust bin inside. How often you'll have to open it depends on your desktop eating habits and how many cats claim your computer as their territory. The main drawback of this item is that it will not sort and stash your clutter. When that gadget is invented, I'll be the first in line to buy it!