Fun With Signs: The Lowercase L


Bloggers love posting pictures of signs -- we've covered misspelled signs, weird signs, and (my personal favorite) signs featuring unnecessary quotation marks. Well, in further proof that there's a blog for literally everything, I've come across a blog documenting the use of the lowercase letter L among uppercase letters.

Yes, this is real -- since 2005, blogger William Levin has been documenting signs in which the letter L is written in lowercase, while the other letters are uppercase. Each entry includes extensive commentary on the sign in question, and the blog has even posted psychological theories about why people use the lowercase L. Levin explains the reasoning behind his blog:

The gist of lowercase L is this: I have noticed that, when people create handwritten signs, they sometimes choose to capitalize every letter except the letter "L". I can understand using some lowercase letters like "i" and "y", to stylize the handwriting. But why confuse matters by using the only letter that, when lowercase, is identical to an uppercase "I"? ...But now, having lived in NYC for ten years, I have seen the lowercase L rubbing shoulders with uppercase company more often than you might imagine. So often, in fact, that I wanted to bring the case of the lowercase L to the attention of the public.

My favorite lowercase L so far (from August, 2005):

There's a lot going on there: in one instance ("LeT") you've got the uppercase L used with a lowercase E and uppercase T. But in the another cases ("PlEASE") the L is the only lowercase letter in the word. Finally, you've got "SlAm" which alternates uppercase letters with lowercase letters. Oh, the humanity!

Check out the lowercase L blog in all its glory.