The Amazing Fact Generator, much like me, is hungry. I can go to the kitchen and grab some leftover pizza, but The Amazing Fact Generator requires cold hard facts to sustain it.

space-tourist.jpgWhile we're waiting for our fact-checker to verify our favorite fact from last week (I'll announce the winner tomorrow), let's get this week's contest rolling. Our topic today is outer space, so leave your (amazing) fact in the comments with your name and location. If it's both amazing and true, we'll feed it to the Generator in a ritual sacrifice and credit it to you. The supplier of the most amazing fact will receive a copy of The Space Tourist's Handbook: Where to Go, What to See, and How to Prepare for the Ride of Your Life.

Important note:
Please don't just go to a competing trivia site and copy/paste a fact, then claim it as your own. That's cheating, and since The Amazing Fact Generator is the smartest construct ever created, it will know and it will come after you. Also, let's limit everybody to five submissions each.

To get a feel for the kinds of facts the Generator likes, take a look at what's in there already.