Oooh! Hey, a book! Want a copy of this one? Then go submit a fact for our Amazing Fact Generator. Just leave a comment on this post with an amazing fact about outer space, your name and location. If the fact is both amazing and true, we'll feed it to the Generator and credit it to you. The supplier of the most amazing fact will receive a copy of The Space Tourist's Handbook: Where to Go, What to See, and How to Prepare for the Ride of Your Life.

Last week's most amazing fact about television was supplied by TMo. Thanks to him, we now know that "In Mike Judge's King of the Hill, the Mexican soap opera Peggy watches, Los Dias y Las Noches, was spun off into a live-action pilot with a priest/assassin protagonist. Fox didn't pick up the show." TMo wins a copy of Dick Van Patten's Totally Terrific TV Trivia. We'll be in touch about delivering the prize.

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