How Did You Know? [Day 5]

David K. Israel

If you've made it this far, I commend you! One more puzzle to solve and you're home free. First one to send in the correct answer to the challenge below, along with the correct answers found all along the path this week, AND, the logic behind "˜em (which is to say: HOW DID YOU KNOW?), gets a pick of any t-shirt or book from our store.

As comments have been turned off for the length of the hunt, please click on the following link and send your answers and logic to us at:

If you missed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's challenges, there might still be time to solve them all. No one knows how long it'll take for one of you trivia junkies to nail down the whole megillah so make haste, make haste. And now, on the next page, I present the final puzzle, drawing on all the answers you dug up along the trail.

F I L L  I N  T H E  B L A N K S:

day5.jpg /

Day 1: Each of Monday's answers has something in common, namely, a band. What is the name of the band?

Day 2: Only one of Tuesday's answers spells a new word when turned backwards. What is the new word?

Day 3: On Wednesday you were asked to single out the one video or headline that stood apart from the others. All the others had two words in common. What were those two words?

Day 4: Every album on Thursday had something in common. They all what?

Day 5: Once you plug in the above Day 1-4 answers, you'll know what album title I'm looking for here.

Remember, in addition to solving the puzzle, I need the How Did You Know? component to name a winner. For instance, it's not enough to know the Day 1 answer above. I also want to know how you arrived at that answer. (e.g. What DO all five of Monday's songs have in common?)

Ready to submit? E-mail us by clicking the following link: Along with your submission, we'd love to hear what you thought of this little week-long trivia feature. Was it too hard? Too easy? Do you want more of 'em? What was your favorite challenge? etc. The feedback would be most appreciated.