The Weekend Links

Allison Keene

"¢ You know those weird foods at the grocery store that you can't imagine anyone eating? Here's a guy who dares. Flossy reader Erin has provided us a great link to Steve, Don't Eat It!

"¢ For more of the same, Tasha from The A.V. Club decided to eat a Cheeseburger in a Can.

"¢ Recently, one of my coworkers was introduced only by the name of his podcast -- as in, "This is Ed Loves Bacon." In the future, will we just be a domain name? Some parents are preparing. [Via]

"¢ If you do get the dot com name of your dreams, here are 9 signs you shouldn't hire THAT Web Designer. to set up shop for you. And if you ARE that web designer, take note!

"¢ Spend some time over at the Flickr Song Chart Pool, via YesButNoButYes. Also from YesButNoButYes: New York's ominous maple syrup smell is back. Any theories?

"¢ Looking to slip away into slumber to some soft, soulful tunes? This site offers free, downloadable sleepytime tunes for your listening pleasure. (Thanks to Ellen in Birmingham!)

"¢ Mangesh and Jason rent office space in a New York building. Before yesterday, the only person they knew on the floor was the guy who has loudly proclaimed on numerous occasions that "MySpace is the next big thing" and slips "add value" into every sentence. But they just found out that Clive Thompson of Wired and The New York Times Magazine is another fellow tenant. Here's a look at why solitary workers can be more productive from Clive's blog.

"¢ Inspired by Miss Cellania's post on Coney Island, here is a link to Side Show World, which focuses specifically on strange animals ... step right up!

"¢ Speaking of interesting creatures -- "Who needs the telly when you've got a dog like this?" Check out this story from the BBC about one very talented spaniel (with plenty of stories in the comments about other gifted pets).

"¢ It's mental_floss's policy to stay away from overt politics and endorsements of Presidential candidates ... except for this one, of course.

"¢ Is Roger Clemens' "I should have a third ear coming out of my forehead" the craziest sports quote so far this year? It's only the beginning of March, but ESPN Page 2 has already started the 2008 Absurd Quote Power Rankings. See what they have so far, or suggest your own as weeks go on (surely there will be so many more to follow).

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"¢ An SNL revue in Vegas?

"¢ From, A Very No Country Birthday. Could anything be scarier than Anton showing up as the entertainment for your kid's soiree? He does know how to do a coin trick ...

"¢ I'm 6'1" and terrible at basketball. But if I were British, the government wouldn't be deterred "“ officials are seeking out their tallest citizens to compete for a place on their Olympic teams.

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