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Weekend Genius Challenge #22: Vowel Movements


Welcome to March... spring is just around the corner! To celebrate, the new Weekend Genius Challenge turns musical. Your task is simple:

Name a song with a title 10 letters long or longer that uses only ONE of the five vowels.

It could be an A, an E, an I, an O, even a U if you're daring. (Forget Y for today; it's only a vowel wannabe.)

A sample? There are plenty... "Helter Skelter" is a good one (13 letters, and "E" is the only vowel) as is "Knock on Wood" (12 letters, and "O" is the only vowel). We know of at least one 19-letter title that fits the theme, so put your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with. Please put each entry in its own comment, as we'll be choosing a winner at random from all the entries. If you're chosen the winner, you'll receive the T-shirt of your choice from the mental_floss store. And before long, it'll actually be warm enough to wear it in public. Good luck!