Photo Challenge #3: Show Us Your Junk

Chris Higgins

I'm taking a page from Ransom's blog and issuing a new photo challenge! Previous challenges called for you to send us pictures of your neighborhood's "pants," and local ill-advised business names. Both were big hits: our photo army is on the march.

Now the challenge expands to crazy thrift store finds. Get your camera, go to your local thrift store, and snap a picture of the craziest thing you find!

To get you started, here's a real item from a Portland, Oregon Goodwill (found by blogger Mary Wheeler):

The details: send photos of your finds to flossypics (at) gmail (dot) com, and include any details you think might be important (especially your location) in the email. We'll also send out an email with this info in it to everyone who's already volunteered to be part of our photo army.

Results will be posted Monday, so you've only got a few days to find awesome stuff! Get thrifty, people!