Is there an end to the wonderful things aerogel can do? "Frozen smoke" is the lightest solid ever, strong, semi-t200_aerogel.jpgransparent, a great insulator, and is finding all kinds of practical applications. NASA used aerogel in the Stardust mission to capture space dust. It's use in capacitors and ultracapacitors should lead to better electrical transfer and storage. It's been used for years for factories, pipelines, oil refineries, and military applications. Now there are more and more ways you can use aerogel.

Cabot produces windows, ceilings, and skyights using an aerogel product they call Nanogel sandwiched between glass. The result is diffused natural light with much greater insulation and energy savings.

The Laken ISO 70 Aerogel-Insulated Water Bottle keeps your water cold and adds much less weight to your backpack.

Aspencoat.jpgAspen Aerogels uses aerogel for many industrial uses, but also developed flexible aerogel fabric to insulate clothing. It's used to make coats, boots, and sleeping bags that keep you warm with much less weight and thickness of conventional materials.

You can try out aerogel's insulating properties without spending a lot of money by trying out some shoe insoles from PolarWrap.

United Nuclear sells aerogel in granular form and solid blocks for those who want to experiment (meaning: play) with it.

And if you just like the way it looks, you can get aerogel jewelry from AeroGem.