One For the Kids: Storyline Online

Chris Higgins

Story time has long been a completely analog process -- employing good old-fashioned print books, read together with a child. Well, like most things, there's now an option to enjoy kids' stories online: Storyline Online.

Read mostly by professional actors (and one by Al Gore), the stories are well-produced, showing the illustrations as well as an optional follow-along written track at the bottom of the screen (be aware -- on some stories this may go by too fast for some kids).

The site includes classics like "Me and My Cat" read by Elijah Wood, "Brave Irene" read by Al Gore, "The Polar Express" read by Lou Diamond Phillips, and lots more (click on "more stories" below the list of stories at left for more). The site is operated by the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, and is great fun...though you'll find yourself giving in to "just one more story" more than you would if you had to read the books yourself!

While we're on the topic, what do you read your kids at story time? Any particularly Flossy kids' books out there?

(Via Pop Candy.)