Thanks to everybody who participated in our third photo challenge: "Show Us Your Junk!" Weird items were found and photographed (if not purchased); you almost get a musty whiff of that signature Goodwill Smell just looking at these. We also got some (very) late submissions for our second photo challenge, "Ill-Advised Business Names," which we thought deserved posting as well. Check 'em out!

This zombified lamb "looks like he's about to crap flames," according to finder/reader Sarah, who discovered this in a San Jose thrift store.

As if math weren't scary enough for kids, they had to add monstrous fish to the mix. From Lauren in Kalamazoo.

Also from Lauren: cute pigs! ("Watch it again and again!")

For those who couldn't guess, it's a humidifier. Shaped like a choo-choo train. Found in Racine, Wisconsin by Emily.

Stephanie found this ear dryer in an Austin, Texas Goodwill.

European thrift store weirdness: the writing on this handshake-shaped mug from Lucerne, Switzerland translates to read "All the best!" (Thanks, Jess.)

A framed picture of nuclear cooling towers, from San Jose:

In case you can't read the tagline, it says "It's not whether you win or lose, but whether you win!" Considering Trump's game is selling for $4.50 at a Wisconsin Value Village, has he won?

Garen found this in a Tampa, Florida garden center. Yeah, it's not a thrift store find, but it's still worth a chuckle:

Ill-advised business name leftovers
X Frog sends us this picture from Hove, UK:

It seems there's just an inexhaustible supply of funny Chinese restaurant names, like this one in Cooperstown, NY (thanks, NJ):

Julie found this hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey:

All the way from Kilkenny, Ireland (a charming town if there ever was one), it's the blaa blaa blaa. From Patty, who never ate there.