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"¢ Our second College Weekend is rapidly approaching (March 15-16). If you're currently seeking a degree and have one good story in you, pitch it to College Weekend Editor Stacy Conradt. Her email is

To understand what we're looking for, check out the first installment.

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A few weeks ago, I promised to send 30 readers a free copy of mental_floss magazine. I believe I've shipped mags to everyone who was promised one. If yours hasn't arrived, please let me know. In a recent episode of closet cleaning, I found four more issues. Interested? Be one of the first four people to leave a comment and it's all yours.

Our Facebook Group easily cleared the 1,700 member hurdle this past weekend. Welcome, new Facebook friends!

"¢ Late last year, we held a "Design Your Own MF T-Shirt" contest. Once a week for the next five weeks, we'll be announcing the winners and showing off the new shirts. Get excited.

"¢ Over the weekend, we received a record number of great (and random) emails. While most of Mangesh's provocative fan mail is unsuitable for reprinting, we'd like to start running a 'reader mail' segment here on the blog. Got something to say? Have a question? Let us hear it. We'll see what happens.