I hate to beg, but we need your facts again, ladies and gentlemen. If I don't meet my quota, the Amazing Fact Generator says he's gonna send a couple of goons over to break my thumbs. What's a man without his opposable thumbs? I know you don't want to see this happen to me, but let me give you a little extra incentive to send some facts our way.

On the Move is Bono's call to action for the world to come together to aid a suffering Africa. The publisher describes is as a "challenge to people of all faiths to reach across boundaries," so this week's topic will be boundaries. Tell us something we didn't know about the Great Wall of China, national borders, the sound barrier or even Robert Frost (good fences make good neighbors, after all). It's a broad topic, so get creative.

The rules remain simple, just leave your fact in the comments with your name and location. If it's both amazing and true, we'll plug it into the Generator and credit it to you. The supplier of the most amazing fact will receive a copy of On the Move. And don't just go to a competing trivia site, copy/paste a fact and claim it as your own. That's cheating. Also, everybody gets five submissions each, so make 'em count.
To get a feel for the kinds of facts the Generator likes, take a look at what's in there already.