Friday Happy Hour

Jason English

1. Way back in 2006, we held mental_floss Teacher Appreciation Week. One day, we'll do this again. But for now, if you had to celebrate one teacher, who would it be? Why?

FrostNixonPlaybill.jpg /

3. Here's your chance to shamelessly plug a struggling business. I've already expressed my love for the Planet Smoothie in Roxbury, NJ. Free wireless, comfortable seating, liquid lunches and rarely a crowd. But that last part scares me. Name an establishment you're hoping to help save. And if you live within, say, 45 miles of Roxbury, fill up the tank and head on over.

4. Sounds like Seattle is going to lose the SuperSonics to Oklahoma City. Bill Simmons of ESPN recently ran an entire column of letters from their desolate fan base. Has your favorite team ever relocated on you? Did you give up on them?

quiz_head_nuggets.jpg /

5. In my mind, McDonald's offered roughly ten Chicken McNuggets dipping sauces. To make sure we didn't miss any, I contacted McD's media relations to verify. The verdict? Only three dipping sauces exist. But Terri Dann did such a great job with this banner, I can't let it go to waste.

Take the full two minutes

. Don't try to sneak the Chicken Selects dipping sauces in here. And ketchup doesn't count.

I guess I'm supposed to ask a question. Let's try this: What's your idea for a ridiculous 'name x in y minutes' quiz? Use this one as your guide.

6. I'm off next Friday. So I'd love the next Happy Hour to consist entirely of reader-submitted questions. What would you like to ask your fellow flossers? Before I head out, I'll pick the 5 or 6 best questions and set that to post Friday morning.

Have a great weekend!