Great Movies About Farting

Ransom Riggs

We've had plenty of high-brow discussions of things cinematic here on the blog, from my recent list of great movie metaphors and over-hyped tracking shots to last week's deconstructions of why we love zombies and why we need horror movies. It's time now, however, to turn our attention to something less academic; to revert, if we can, from our usual post-graduate mentality to more of a post-sandbox mentality. Because I have something very, very juvenile to share with you.

They're called fart editions. A uniquely YouTube phenomenon, they're yet another species of movie mashup, in which popular films are re-edited by amateurs for purposes other than they were originally intended. (You might be familiar with the trailer for The Shining, for instance, cut to seem like a romantic comedy.) Fart versions take scenes from movies and edit fart noises into them at strategic or inopportune moments, and in their own stupid way, I actually think they're kind of brilliant. Here's a "fart edition" of John Carpenter's horror classic, The Thing:

I know, I know ... that was REALLY dumb. Here's another one!

If you think fart jokes are dorky, try combining them with Star Trek jokes for the ultimate in low-brow nerd humor. This one's called Star Trek: Lethal Atmosphere.

Not to be outdone, Matrix fans also found plenty of potential fart jokes in their favorite movie. (Be warned, at-work-viewers, Neo swears in the first three seconds of this clip.)

Obviously, we could go on all day. There are plenty more out there, for movies like Saw, Ghostbusters and Lord of the Rings,
but let's be honest, fart jokes have a pretty short shelf life.

Smell you later, everybody.