Automatic Solar Hybrid Mower


Exactly what is it that you hate about mowing the lawn in the summer? Is it the time involved? The exertion? The noise? The smell? That could all become a memory that we tell our kids about. The Husqvarna Automower is now available. It's an electric mower that plugs itself in, and uses solar power when the sun shines! From the product site:

Before the Automower can get to work, you will need to simply staple a wire to the perimeter of the lawn. The wire will be overgrown and become invisible within a month. This wire can be sensed by the mower and will ensure that only this area of grass is cut. The Automower will then work irregularly around the lawn "“ whatever its shape - until all parts have been covered. This gives the lawn an even result and a carpet-like finish. "˜Islands' can be created by laying the wire around plants and flower beds. And if the mower hits any other obstacle, such as a tree or rock, it just reverses safely and selects a new direction before continuing.

It runs for about 40 minutes, then charges itself for about 40 minutes. No noise, no emissions. You can program it days ahead, and there are anti-theft features. What's the drawback? A $4,000 price tag. That should come down in a few years.

It looks like something your Roomba could fall for! Meanwhile, you'll not only avoid the work of mowing, but you can also enjoy the great outdoors while the little robot silently goes about its work.