Air Guitar Stage Name competition winners!


Björn Türoque has picked the winners of our Air Guitar Stage Name competition.

In his own words:

It was a tough call. There were many great air guitar stage names, and I was please that most people eschewed the obvious air puns (Air Force One, Air Raid, Compressed Air, etc.). The co-chair of US Air Guitar really liked "Mort d'Bores," as did I, mostly because we had no idea what it meant. When I translated it with babel fish translator, it said Died of Boron. And that's pretty awesome, though, I have no idea how it relates to air guitar. So Mort D'Bores gets an honorable mention. And these are the two winners: David entered: Mies van der Roke Leslie entered: Joaquin Wohl

We'll be in touch soon David and Leslie about those prizes! And congrats!