That old factoholic, The Amazing Fact Generator, is looking for another fix. And so we turn to you again, dear readers, to enable it. This week, we're giving awarding a copy of Charles M. Madigan's -30-: The Collapse of The Great American Newspaper. All you need to do to get your hands on it is leave a comment on this post with an amazing fact about newspapers, your name and your location. If your fact is both amazing and true, we'll serve it to the Fact Generator in a martini glass. The most amazing fact will win the supplier a copy of the book.

And remember, if you go to a competing trivia site, copy/paste a fact and claim it as your own, we'll know (we have the Google). Cheaters never prosper, nor do they get entered into the Fact Generator. Also, everybody gets five submissions each.

To get a feel for the kinds of facts the Generator likes, take a look at what's in there already, and then get to commenting.