Seventh Caption Contest Finalists!

David K. Israel

Thanks to all who entered our 7th Caption Contest. Now the fun really begins: it's up to YOU to pick the winner. As always, each finalist is labeled with a letter. All you have to do is decide which is the best (whatever your definition of "best" is), and drop your ballot in the comments below. As always, one vote per person. There were so many great entries this time, we had a really hard time narrowing it down to 10. So... the 14 finalists are"¦

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a) Chuck entered: "It holds 1000 songs too."

b) Bob entered: "It came with my dental plan."

c) Sondra entered: "Another dam foreclosure!"

d) Peter entered: "Four out of five dentists recommend this model"

e) KevinS entered: "I'm on the new South BEECH diet"¦"

f) Endomental entered: ""¦and I won't until there's universal dental coverage!"

g) Big Kev entered: "I told you I never took any performance enhancing drugs"

h) J. Horne entered: "My doctor said I have Mandibular Dysfunction."

i) Tyrone entered: "Hey, I'm a busy beaver."

j) Liz entered: "It's recently been revealed that FDR's New Deal had a broader effect than ever imagined."

k) Tanya entered: "It's either this, or we outsource to India."

L) Eric: "Does this chainsaw make me look fat?"

m) Nicole entered: "Doctor's order"“apparently I'm getting too much fiber in my diet."
n) Jonathan entered: "No it's ok, I consulted Thoreau and this falls under Civil Disobedience."