Questions From the Audience

Jason English
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While I'm searching for a scalper with Bruins or Celtics tickets, you can be answering some of these questions, which were submitted last week by readers in this space.

1) Do you have season tickets (or luxury box access) for either the Bruins or Celtics?

[OK, on to the real questions...]

1) Aside from a McNugget, what is the strangest food you have eaten? [Asked by Florida]

2) How did you first hear about mental_floss? [Asked by Lebetho]

3) What's your favorite landmark or roadside attraction in your town/city? [Asked by Colin]

4) What cartoons remind you of your childhood? [Asked by Heather]

5) What's the most jarring transition in your iTunes list? I have a series of orchestral selections that roll over into Credence Clearwater Revival when I'm going alphabetical. [Asked by Roger]

6) What are your least favorite house chores and why? [Asked by Cyndi]

7) Did your parents particularly affect where you are today? If so, how? [Asked by Allison]

8) If you were in a rock band, what would the name of your band be? [Asked by Janel]

9) Best/worst bachelor/bachelorette party experience? [I had to get one in there. Have a great weekend!]