Thanks to everyone who submitted facts last week. We've got a few amazing facts making their way to the Generator as we speak, but the most
amazing fact came to us from Brent, who told us that "ETAOIN SHRDLU is a combination of the 12 most-commonly used letters in English, in descending order. Linotype machines have them arranged in the first two columns of the keyboard. When a typesetter made an error, he would quickly run his hand down the columns to type "ETAOIN SHRDLU", to serve as a flag to discard that line of type. The phrase did, of course, occasionally make it into print."

Brent has got a copy of -30-: The Collapse of The Great American Newspaper headed his way, and we've got another opportunity for you to join him in the winner's circle.

This week I'm looking for amazing facts about detectives, both real and fictional (any facts about Munch from Homicide/Law and Order automatically get bonus points), so leave a comment on this post with your fact, you name and your location. As always, amazing facts will be entered into the Amazing Fact Generator and the most amazing fact will win a prize. For this round we're giving away a copy of The Official Nancy Drew Handbook - Skills, Tips & Life Lessons From Everyone's Favorite Girl Detective.

The rules remain simple: 1. Don't go to a competing trivia site and copy/paste a fact, then claim it as your own. 2. You only get five submissions.

There's a lot of info in the Generator already, so take a look at it to see what type of things we're looking for.