LOLcat Caption Contest!!!


(Ahem.) Forgive my enthusiasm. But we loved the entries from this week's pet photo challenge so much, we thought the best way to honor the six silliest kitty pictures was to LOL them ... floss-style.

In case you've been living under a digital rock for the last few years, this is a LOLcat:

It's a silly picture of a cat with a clever, if not grammatically correct, piece of dialogue appended to it. (Got it? Good. If not, here's a great guide to LOLcat grammar -- read it!) Now, let's get down to business: check out the following six silly cat pictures sent in by our readers, and in the comments submit your best LOLcat captions for each one! You can enter as many times as you like. Be sure to number them 1 - 6, and if you don't have captions for all of them, just be sure to number the ones you do caption appropriately so we know which ones you're talking about!

And here they are ...

1. Bubble Wrap Cat, by Xan

lol6.jpg /

2. FlossCats, by Brittany

lol5.jpg /

3. Poker Face, by Elizabeth Edwards

lol4.jpg /

4. Peeping Tom, by Cinthya

lol3.jpg /

5. Shoe Cat, by Sarah

lol2.jpg /

6. Passed Out, by Ed Gunther

lol1.jpg /