McSweeney's Lists

Chris Higgins

According to my calculations, at least 80% of the web is now given over to lists of things. With such a huge volume of list-based edutainment out there, it can be hard to find the great lists amongst the dreck. My favorite lists site (okay, aside from ours) is the immense McSweeney's Lists. It's great stuff, often literary, sometimes nerdy, and always witty. Here's a recent example:

Other Things There Will Be, in Addition to Blood. BY MEREDITH RODKEY AND SCOTT RODKEY - - - - Refreshments A representative on hand to answer your questions No horseplay Minor delays After-holiday sales An end to this (Read the rest...)

Some more classics: Alternate Titles for It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World; Lowbrow TV Programming for Linguists; and (ahem) Board Games Inspired By the Bush Administration. With lists going back to 1999, it's a goldmine.