Weekend Word Wrap: Picking a candidate based on grammar?

David K. Israel

I'll tell you what: if I were President, I'd make sure the subjunctive doesn't get left behind. Just look what's going on these days in the news.

now.ferraro.jpg /

And here's the thing that really gets me: she missed the subjunctive not once, but TWICE. First she said, "If Obama was a white man," and then moments later she said, "And if he was a woman"¦"

obama_sc_04_01_2007-731285.jpg /

And, hey, while we're on the subject, turns out McCain has a was/were problem, too. Remember all that hullabaloo a few weeks ago about Obama's campaign financing if he wound up getting the nomination? Look what McCain said:

mccain1.jpg /

My ears bleed every time I hear it. And while I'm not the biggest Hilary supporter on the planet (didn't vote for her), perhaps I should rethink my position because at least she knows when to employ the subjunctive:

hillary1.jpg /

Ahhhh, now that's a candidate with command of the language. If she doesn't get the commander-in-chief nod, at least there's that.

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