The Weird Week ending March 21st

Miss Cellania

Police Chase Stolen Donut Truck

Frank Alvarado took advantage of a Donut Delite van as the driver was making a delivery in Toledo, Ohio. He led officers on a chase that reached speeds of 100 miles per hour. Nine police vehicles from two counties and one city force were in pursuit before the truck was stopped.

"What strikes me as a bit out of the ordinary in this case is the number of officers who were able to respond," said Rich Vander Mey, assistant Tama County Attorney. "I don't know whether the fact that the stolen vehicle contained donuts has anything to do with that."

Donut Delite donated their goods to the police officers involved in the chase.

140Sweaters.jpg /

After Beth and Brian Willis of Newcastle, England lost their two beloved doogs, they heard about Princess Diana wearing a dog fur stole. Inspired, they collected dog hair from their carpets and brushes, and had it spun into yarn, which Mrs. Willis used to knit two sweaters. Mr. Willis wears his dog hair sweater every Saturday when he goes into town.

Woman Goes for Leg Operation, Gets New Anus Instead

A German woman is suing a hospital in Hochfranken, Bavaria for malpractice, aftert the performed the wrong operation. She was to have surgery on her leg, but the clinic confused her with an incontinence patient. The unnamed woman received a new anus instead. She is looking for another hospital to operate on her leg.

150drill.png /

British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh uses an expensive medical drill when he does brain surgery in London. But when he travels to Ukraine twice a year to perform free surgery at the clinic of colleague Igor Petrovich, he uses a £30 Bosch 9.6 volt battery-operated hand tool.

"There's not a huge difference," he said. "The drill is Igor's solution. It's simply an ordinary drill which he uses with the standard medical drill bits."

Crucifixion can be Bad for your Health

Every Easter, dozens of voluntary crucifixions take place in the Philippines, as men re-enact the flagellation and crucifixion of Jesus with real whips and nails. The Philippine department of health issued a warning for participants to have tetanus shots beforehand, and to check the cleanliness of the whips used to guard against infection.

Woman on Toilet Attacked by Rat

Maxine Killingback of Deptford, England was sitting on the toilet when a rat bit her! She jumped up and flushed the rat, using a plunger to keep him from escaping. She had to barricade the toilet because there were other rats trying to get out. The local housing council told her it would be three weeks before they could do anything about it. Killingback left her home for the night.

150vodak.jpg /

Agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission raided Bayou Bob's Brazos River Rattlesnake Ranch in Palo Pinto county and seized 411 bottles of unlicenced vodka. Each bottle also contained a ten-inch rattlesnake. Bob Popplewell, the owner of Bayou Bob's, is expected to face charges of selling alcohol without a permit. Alcohol containing snakes or scorpions is popular in Asia, where it is believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

Fleeing Shoplifter Forgets Son

A 45-year-old man in Amsterdam stole a package of meat from a supermarket was spotted by a store employee. The shoplifter was so intent on making a getaway that he drove away and left his 12-year-old son behind. Police contacted the man through his son, but he refused to come pick up the boy, saying the police should contact his mother instead. The man eventually turned himself in.