It's a sad day for Fast Food history enthusiasts. Herb Peterson, the genius behind the Egg McMuffin passed away today. The 89-year old former ad man dreamed up the sandwich as a way to open up a whole new area of business for Ray Kroc and company- breakfast! Before the McMuffin, McDonald's lived off of its lunch and dinner  operation. Peterson was also the brains behind McDonald's original slogan "Where Quality Starts Fresh Every Day," and I'm sure his enthusiasm for the Golden Arches will certainly be missed.

a.toaster.jpgOf course, it's curious to me that the first time I learned of Peterson is the same day I learned about this invention from OhGizmo. If you love your Egg McMuffins, but can't stand the morning drive-thru, this muffin and egg toaster might be the way to go. More links (of both the sausage and web variety) at OhGizmo.