New Stretchy Circuits Coming to a Computer Near You!


New Scientist, easily our favorite science magazine, has a fascinating piece on how scientists at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have come up with a genius new way of building circuits. While still built from the same old materials (plastic and silicone), these new circuits can both stretch and bend (it's like your motherboard on yoga!). In fact, they can even be folded around coins. Of course, why the scientists chose to bend them up against coins, the article refuses to reveal. What the piece does suggest, however, is how these new circuits will affect your future. Apparently, the stretchy circuits will play into more elastic-like gadgets, smarter clothes (wearing your computer on your sleeve), and it promises the development of PC's that will be implanted into the body- or more specifically, the brain. It all sounds pretty crazy. In any case, you can read more for yourself here at New Scientist.