How Did You Know Adam Constable?

David K. Israel

Congrats to the winner of our second How Did You Know? Trivia Hunt! Adam Constable was one of dozens who had all the answers correct, but he was the first, so he gets a t-shirt and book of his choice from our store. Below you'll find his e-mail containing the answers and the logic. I'll have round three for you all next month... so stay tuned.

Adam Constable wrote:

Day 1
Interview with a Vampire "“ fiction - Anne Rice

Phantoms "“ fiction - Dean Koontz

Danse Macabre "“ non"“fiction - Stephen King

The Rising "“ fiction - Brain Keen

3 Orange Juices had pulp, 1 didn't have pulp

Day 2

Movie 1 - Platoon

Movie 2 - Lorenzo's Oil

Movie 3 - Elephant Man

Movie 4 - Roseaux sauvages, Les

Adagio for Strings - Samuel Barber

Day 3

Softorrebesttagsummerplay - Forrest Gump

Softampranholidayfallandsoapfuse - Mr. Hollands Opus

Softasprintitinkmotesatripedeagemoneythingh - fast times at ridgemont high

Jackson Browne

Day 4

Three Amigos - 3

Four Wedding and a Funeral - 4

The Seven Year Itch - 7

10 - 10

3 Men and a Baby - 3

3+4+7+10-3 / 3 = 7

Samuel Jackson co-starred in the movie Pulp Fiction which was nominated for 7 Oscars but only won one.

That Oscar was Best Original Screenplay