Weekend Genius Challenge #24 Winner!


A hearty "thanks!" to all those who participated in WGC #24. As is often the case, mental_floss readers are very sharp, so the puzzle was solved fairly quickly.

We asked you to tell us what the twelve images (shown to the right) had in common. The answer: Each photo represents the title of a hit movie. Starting in the upper-left corner, they are: Hitch, Signs, Contact, Seabiscuit, Twins, Airport, Hairspray, Dinosaur, Eraser, Rocky, Hook, and Maverick.

Congratulations to Carole, who was able to figure out the connection right away. We'll contact you via email soon about your T-shirt!

A new Weekend Genius Challenge will appear a bit later today (Saturday). In the meantime, feel free to explore the rest of mentalfloss.com, including the popular Amazing Fact Generator. And we're not just busy on weekends! You can quickly test your mettle five days a week with our long-running Quiz of the Day.