"¢ You might have heard of Project Greenlight, but what about a competition for the WORST movie ideas? It's called Project Redlight, and was judged by Harvey Weinstein himself, who chose an all-out winner from a competitive field of ten. I fear the one with Rob Schneider might actually get produced.

"¢ Flossy Reader Joseph R sent in this stunning time-lapse footage of a rotting strawberry (seriously cool). And just as fascinating, see it happen to a lemon.

"¢ Definitely one of the strangest videos on the internet (and that's saying something). One of my old Professors described it as "net-era Terry Gilliam-esque." Note: some images may be disturbing to the sensitive. See more of Cyriak's animations here. (Thanks to Kevin for that one)

"¢ The celebrity rumor mill has been around for as long as there have been, well, celebrities. Today's antics are no worse than before - judge for yourself here, with 25 of the best rock rumors ever.

Fetch these goats some smelling salts! I'm talking of course about a rare condition that causes excited goats to succumb to brief and sudden fainting fits. (Thank you, Stuart!) For a first-hand account of fainting goats, read Jason's Armchair Field Trip from last summer.

"¢ How about those Davidson Wildcats? Now there's no excuse for not knowing where Davidson is. Test your knowledge of schools in the NCAA Tournament with this quiz.

"¢ I know you guys love illusions, so here's an entertaining video montage of visual tricks that will make you reconsider your reality."¢ Not all movies about the future give us hope of a Utopian society. In fact, here are 10 Movies That Prove the Future Will Suck. Though definitely not as much as if any of those Project Redlight movies get made.


Wearable maps by designer and artist Elisabeth Lecourt. The latest must-have fashion for our GPS-crazed society.

"¢ Today, many cities are participating in Earth Hour. Even if you don't live in these places, consider doing your part starting at 8pm.

"¢ Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The new World's Smallest Man.

"¢ Slate Video brings us The Stupidest Bike Lane in America. I don't understand much about choices the DOT makes, but this one really is a head-scratcher.

"¢ Watch as two guys take their turn as Mythbusters to see if two phonebooks linked together are really impossible to pull apart. See it to believe it!

"¢ To close, here's a picture sent in by my friend Andrea. This one goes out to leash-kids the world over. Were any of you guys leash-kids? Are you a leash-mom?

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