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Weekend Genius Challenge #25: Another Year Older


Today's my birthday, so I'm relaxing. Okay, not really... I'm going over proofs for the next issue of the magazine, and will be most of the weekend. But since it's still technically my day, I'm going to make this Weekend Genius Challenge as painless as possible.

All you have to do is guess how old I am as of today, March 29, 2008. Send your guess via comment to this post - ONLY ONE GUESS PER PERSON, PLEASE. The first person to correctly identify my age will win a special prize we've never before offered: a copy of our latest book, The Pocket Idiot's Guide to More Not So Useless Facts, signed by Kara and me.

Yes, I know, guessing someone's age isn't "genius." But hey, you can pretend you work at a carnival. (And no, don't guess my weight.) Good luck!