The only Mafia-approved Bed on the market

Mangesh Hattikudur

G4's The Feed tipped me off on a gem of an item. If the standard Temperpedic and down comforter aren't offering all the sleep security you need, perhaps you need a slight upgrade to the Quantum Sleeper. Apparently, the mattress and casing will protect you from everything a Happy Fun Ball won't. Just look at a few of the offerings

  • Bulletproof Plating
  • Bio-chemical Filtered Ventillation System
  • Cover and Door with Emergency Release
  • One-way see through head cover (with reflective mirror on the other side, naturally)
  • Motion Detector, Smoke Detector, Proximity Sensor, etc.
  • Air/Water Tight Sealing
  • External Remote Control
  • Toiletry System
  • CD Player, Microwave and Refrigerator (with a DVD hook-up)
  • CB and Short-wave Radio
  • and it's also Fire Resistant

Sound perfect for a certain paranoid loved one? The company's current estimate is that the bed will set you back $135,000. I'm guessing that doesn't include sheets. Link via the always great G4.