Another Round of the Amazing Fact Contest

Matt Soniak

You guys came through again, acting like real gumshoes and digging up some great facts about detectives. The most amazing fact came to us from Jenni, who says that, "After [Arthur Conan] Doyle killed off the popular Sherlock Holmes in the mid 1890's, over 20,000 readers of The Strand (the magazine the stories were published in) canceled their subscriptions. Later, a reluctant Doyle brought the character back to life for a series of further adventures."

Jenni will have a copy of The Nancy Drew Handbook headed her way soon, and a bunch of the other amazing facts will be put in The Generator.

The rules haven't changed. You can submit up to five facts and if you go to another trivia site and copy/paste a fact, claiming it as your own, we will find out, disqualify you and probably laugh at you a little.

Now gimme some facts! If you don't know what kind of things tickle our brains, look to The Generator for guidance.