Fast, Green and Amphibious

Ransom Riggs

No, we're not describing a rare species of frog. The Rinspeed sQuba is a car -- sort of -- that, assuming you're a hyper-rich, environmentally-minded James Bond wannabe, will totally make your day. Not being much of a car guy myself, I don't usually geek out about them here on the blog. But there was something so crazy about this one that, while I don't ever need to own it, I'm just kind of glad it exists.

Here's the skinny: the sQuba uses the body of a Lotus, but it's of an all-electric, zero-emissions persuasion. In fact, it's got three electric motors -- one to power the wheels, one to power the propellers and one to power frontal water jets that control the orientation of the car underwater. (The above picture, by the way, is real.)

From EcoGeek:

The car's entire drive train is watertight up to 10 meters (we assume probably a bit below that as well), and there are compressed air tanks built into the car so, whenever you want to go for a swim, you just drive into the water and put in your mouthpiece. Apparently the roofless design is as much a safety feature as a design statement. Easy escape is always best...

This is the company's Bond-inspired concept video, complete with underwater footage. (It kinda has to be seen to be believed.)

Lots more photos here.