Video Interview With Ingmar Bergman

Chris Higgins

Ingmar Bergman is one of the most influential film directors of the 20th century, with classics like The Seventh Seal and Fanny and Alexander among his enormous body of work. Before Bergman's death in 2007, the BBC traveled to the remote island of Fårö in Sweden to interview him. The resulting hour-long interview is fascinating, revealing an artist in old age, retaining a slow, steady insight into himself and his artistic process.

Subjects include: Bergman's awesome Russian fireplace; his fascination with clocks and timepieces; his plot (at age four) to murder his infant sister; being locked in a morgue as a child; how his grandmother hated love scenes in movies; how he only managed to leave puberty at the age of 58; his failure to maintain family relationships; his obsession with death; his five marriages; and much more. If you have an hour to spend in quiet contemplation, check it out:

The rest of the interview (in five more parts) after the jump.

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