Intense Quizzes, Bonus Features & Expensive Mistakes

Jason English

I'm running a little behind today, so let's get right to the questions...

1) mental_floss will be creating some longer, more difficult quizzes on specific topics, like Star Wars and The Supreme Court. The Masters' Series, we might call it. (We might not.) What subjects would you like to see covered?

2) Do you have a favorite DVD "bonus feature"? A deleted scene that should not have been deleted, perhaps? A particularly insightful director's commentary?

3) Have you ever seen a stranger really lose it? In a Washington Mutual parking lot, I once saw a man whose horn was stuck in the honk position. He was screaming at it.

4) What restaurant chain not available where you live do you find yourself craving?

5) What's the most expensive thing you've ever broken?

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