Weekend Genius Challenge #26: Are You Ready for Some Football?


Yesterday, I read an article on the new rules imposed by the NFL for the upcoming season, and I realized how much I missed the sport. Sure, it's been only two months since Super Bowl XLII, but it was an exciting game that rekindled my interest in pro football. So I decided to come up with my own "pretend 2009 playoffs" and create a Weekend Genius Challenge that would test your logic ability. Here it is:

It's January 2009, and the NFL playoffs are down to the conference finals to see which two teams make it to Super Bowl XLIII.  In the AFC finals, The Dolphins face the Texans. In the NFC championship, it's the Falcons against Lions. (This is pretend, remember?) Given the following five bits of information, your goal is to determine the winner and the final score of these two league championship games: 1. The four teams combined to score 11 touchdowns, each with 1-point PATs. 2. The four teams combined to kick 4 field goals, but two teams did not kick any field goals. 3. The combined score of the two AFC teams was 1 point higher than that of the two NFC teams. 4. The Lions scored twice as many points as the Texans. 5. The Falcons scored more points than all but one of the other three teams.

And there you go. With that information, you should be able to figure out which teams won the two conference championships, along with the scores of those games. Once you think you've got it, type your answer into a single comment to this post. (One entry per person, please. And remember, posts are held in moderation until we approve them.)

If you're the first to respond correctly, you'll win a T-shirt of your choice from the mental_floss store. Good luck!